Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, I am horrible at updating my blog. Life has been crazy over the past several weeks.
Jesse started a lawn mowing business to do on the side during the summer. He has really enjoyed it. About 3 weeks ago his car died, a valve in the motor went bad. It was cheaper to replace the car than to fix it. So we were on the hunt for a new vehicle. Jesse really wanted to have a truck for lawn mowing but I thought that we should get another car. After seeing the lawn mower hanging out of his trunk and him bagging the grass clippings, he convinced me that it would be a truck. We searched for several days and then found a great deal on a Ford truck (I swore that we would never have another Ford after all the trouble we have had with my Ford Focus, but the deal was to good to pass up.) So now Jesse finally has his truck and he is loving it.

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Lana Cox said...

Oh my goodness gracious!! An update!!! I hope we'll get another one soon. I bet Jesse is loving having a truck.