Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally an update!!!

It has been forever since we updated our blog. Life has been crazy busy, but with nothing exciting. Here is an short update of what I can remember happening over the past month or so.
Shalyse, my youngest sister, is back running track so we went and supported her at a couple of her meets. I can't believe that she is already a senior, she is growing up way to quick.
Several months ago I purchased fabric for baby quilts, and I am not pregnant. So a couple weekends ago I went to my mom's house and we worked on getting them put together. My mother and sisters are so talented at sewing. We got the little boy quilt put together and most of the little girl together. Once I get them quilted I will have to put some pictures up.
Kendra, my older sister, printed out folder games for kids to play with during church for me. So I have been working on cutting and gluing those together. It is surprising how much time it takes to cut out some of these things.
Last weekend I went to a PA thing in Sun Valley, it was a lot of fun to see old friends. It was snowing most of the weekend, which made me very sad. I am ready for summer to come, I hate the snow!!!
Recently we started working on our garden, we have never been able to have a garden so we are excited to finally have one. The house we purchased did not have a garden so we have been working on figuring out where the best location is and trying to kill the grass. If you have any great advice please share.


Lana Cox said...

Woohoo, an update! I wish I could sew well. Chad gave me a sewing machine last Christmas and I stink at it :( It's fun though! How fun to start a garden. Chad and I were going to start a garden this year, but we went to buy all the stuff and decided we need a truck first. The soil is so rocky here that people mostly do raised gardens. I wish I had some advice for you on gardening, but I'm an amature myself. I do have a little herb garden and I love love love the fresh herbs in recipes. They are really easy to grow :)

Mike & Traci said...

Yeah!! An UPDATE!!! haha, I have been slacking pretty bad lately too ;) Glad to hear things are going ood. So first off - I want to see pics of your house!!! Then I want to see pics of the blankets you made & of course pics of YOU!! Now, I have no advice on gardening, but I am sure your parents are experts ;) And, i actually admited to Mike that i think for Christmas this year I am going to want a sewing machine! Seriously, how old & mature are we getting??? i may have to go take some lessons from your fam though if I plan on actually sewing anything! Thanks for the update. We really need to talk & catch up!!!

snow family said...

Wow... I'm impressed that you already are making baby blankets and toys!! I HAVE a baby and haven't made any blankets! Talk about prepared :)

The McClellan Family said...

How fun to do some sewing!! It's sounds like some planning is under way!!! I have been trying to start my garden too, but I have the same problem, grass. I am having Andrew build me containers to do container gardening. basically, he is just building wood boxes and I'm filling them with dirst and seeds!!