Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry it has been so long

Well, I have been wanting to update our blog for a couple weeks but I haven't had the time. Jesse and I bought a house in Mountain Home. For the first 4 months we were living in my parent's camping trailer (thanks Mom and Dad.) We were wanting to sell our house in Pocatello, but the market crashed so we weren't able to. After 4 months of living in the trailer (we had to drive in our car to go to the bathroom or shower) we broke down and decided to rent out the townhouse in Pocatello and buy a house. We closed on our house 12/19 and have been unpacking and settling in since then. We love our new house, it is so nice to have a garage, I no longer have to scrape windows YEA!! I wanted to put a picture of the house up, but I can't find one and I am at work so that will have to come later.
We went to a cabin with my family over christmas, it was so fun!! It was crazy how much it snowed. Christmas is so fun with young children, I can't wait till we have kids. The sad thing is that I didn't even take any pictures, I am not very good at this blogging thing.
After I get off work today we are headed up to West Yellowstone for more fun!! I will try to remember to take more pictures and then upload them next week hopefully!!!


Lana Cox said...

Yay, an update! That's so awesome you got moved into your house. Way to stick it out in the trailer as long as you did. That would be rough. I'm excited to see pictures!

Jeff Hamm said...

Have fun in the snow! We look forward to seeing you when you get back.

ccloveless said...

Sounds like fun!!!We are in a little apartment after selling our house and sometimes it feels like we are living in a little box but, I'm glad you are in a house now. I can't wait til we buy a house again. When you pass buy Twin you'll have to stop buy and we'll catch up. Crystal

"Nevada" Romriells said...

It was so good to see Jesse over christmas! We can't wait until both of you can come to Vegas! It's sunny and 70 degrees(I know it makes it more tempting!)! Congrats on the the house

Eric, Victoria, & Nykelle said...

Hey Rachelle,
Congrats on your new home!!! Does Janae live close to you? we'll have to meet up sometime. We moved to Aberdeen:). We're blessing Brooklynn this weekend, January 20th and would love to see you if you can make it. I don't have your number or your address- will you send me an email with it at

Darci & Jason said...

Hey Girl!
That is so fun that you 2 have a new house!! I want to see pics!
So i have started a couple of blogs and then I didn't finish them and then I forgot the password and then I started a new blog! haha!
so check out!
luv ya!

Sarah said...

Ya I did see your dad! I was going to come down to your room but I had some sleepless kid problems! ha ha They were crazy! It's funny that we were both there at the same time. :)

The McClellan Family said...

Way to stick it out in the trailer for that long! Yay on the new house!