Friday, October 17, 2008

Day of Mourning

So, many of you guys know that Jesse and I are die hard BYU football fans. This season was suppose to be the great season, the one we finally made it to a BCS bowl game. Last night those dreams were taken away, BYU cougars lost to TCU 32-7. So today we are mourning the loss of the perfect season.


Kendra , Eric, Parker, Kinzley Larsen said...

Amen--- It was so very said... I hated that game!! I hope you are doing well!!! i miss you tons!!! Love ya ken

snow family said...

Hey Rachelle... I think a lot of people were mourning that day! You're not alone. Congrats on PA school! Thats awesome.

Omi said...

haha... don't feel bad... our team is LSU... and everyone knows how well THEY did after their championship year! by the by... this is johnathan thibodeaux. i don't really know how to operate blog spot that well... but my wife has set up a page for us! lol. so... in addition to face book, ya'll can keep up with us here, too! tell jesse i said 'hello'! and merry christmas to ya'll both!